Time-Saving Central Vacuum System Installation & Repair

Update your household cleaning equipment with central vacuum system installation and repair from our dealer in Absecon, New Jersey. With the aid of equipment from Atlantic Central Vacuum Systems, you will take the hard work out of vacuuming every room in your home.

How a Central Vacuum Works

With a central vacuum, you no longer have to push an upright vacuum or pull a canister vacuum around your home. A lightweight hose is inserted into a wall inlet valve, and then you just vacuum as usual. Dirt, dust, and allergens are carried away through custom tubing located in your walls to a central processing unit.

Complete Vacuum System Service

We provide complete, professional installation in new homes or retrofitting in existing homes by our experienced, manufacturer-trained owner. Maintenance and repair is also performed to keep your system operating optimally.

We even put a central vac in Lucy the Elephant and she likes it!

Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

• Deep Cleaning with up to Double the Suction Power of a Portable Vacuum
• Removes 100% of Contacted Dust, Dirt, Debris, Dander, Mites, and Pollen from Every Surface
• Lightweight Hose Has Ergonomic Handles and Works in Hard-to-Reach Places
• Variable Speed Controls for All Types of Surfaces
• Self-Cleaning Filter - Just Empty Large Capacity Bucket Twice a Year
• Doesn't Lose Power or Suction over Time
• Lightweight and Easy to Control on All Surfaces
• Quiet Operation - You Can Talk on the Phone While in Use
• Recommended by Allergists for Allergy Sufferers
• Removes Allergens and Indoor Air Pollutants

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